« IMPACT is to the smartphone what email is to the computer »


Receive IMPACT (123 characters message) from people that you follow.


Send messages to your subscribers and be sure they get the notifications!

Search people

Subscribe to people you like for be notified personaly !

Certified creator

since 2021 the certification badge is displayed after identity verification to avoid scammers…

Instant Messaging

Simple, secure, fast and ethical, stay in touch with your friends!

Support program

Be supported by your audience to continue to create amazing content !


impact MSG is the first social messaging application, between instant messaging and social network. impact MSG is to the smartphone what email is to the computer. Stay close to your community by sending an « IMPACT’ to your subscribers and be sure that your messages are seen.

Can you message directly all your followers and be sure that 100% of them get a notification and see your content? Now yes 🙂

Anyone who would like to interact with his community, his family, his friends and be sure that his content is read.

IMPACT app is available on all devices with IOS and ANDROID.

impact MSG application is managed by the company Raw IT Consutling for the moment based in Catalan region between France and Spain in the Principality of Andorra.